Wall Barriers

GCS Acoustics Modular panel system can suit many applications.

Our modular system enables us to provide a solution to suit just about any application. From acoustic to thermal, permanent or dismountable, we have an affordable solution.

Acoustic Wall

GCS Acoustics design and manufacture absorptive and reflective acoustic walls for residential and industrial sites such as loading bays and cooling tower installations.

The Acoustic Walls are very effective in minimising high and low frequency noise levels.

Acoustic walls are built up with GCS Modulock Panels constructed with galvanised steel with high-grade powdercoat finishes or anti-graffiti treatment if required.

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Industrial Oven Panels

GCS Acoustics manufactures modular interlocking thermal panels and doors for the construction of industrial ovens. Custom designed and manufactured for any application.

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Modulock Panels

GCS Acoustics manufacture cost effective modular acoustic panels enclosures to reduce or eliminate noise produced by generators, equipment and machinery. The acoustic panels enclosures are modular and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be easily assembled to exactly enclose the noise making equipment. Due to the unique panel arrangement these enclosures can be dismantled and relocated easily, saving both cost and time.

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